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Thierry Mugler
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Thierry Mugler was born in Strasbourg the 21 December 1945, France, just a few steps from the city's famous Strasbourg Cathedral. He was a rebellious and dreamy child, quite happy to be alone. His passion led him to focus more on drawing than on school and at the age of 9, he began to study classical dance. By 14, he joined the ballet corps for the Rhin Opera (Opéra national du Rhin,) known for its severity and discipline. From Mugler's experience as a classical dancer, he has retained not only a cultivated talent for physical expression but also a sense of discipline for both the mind and body. Of course he dreamt of becoming a star dancer in the Paris Opera ballet. Dance opened the doors to theatre for Mugler where he discovered lighting effects, as well as both costume design and stage direction.
At the same time, Mugler began taking classes in interior design at the Strasbourg School of Decorative Art which certainly fostered his passion for designs which make use of remarkable and uncommon perspectives.
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