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FION, which is a combination of personal style, high-style fashion women's brand name in order to have been dreaming of for years swept Japan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian countries, since the introduction of the domestic has been a new generation of women who can meet the domestic taste, very popular.

FION, innovation, develop more series of elegant products, many sets of new series of quarterly Jieyou birth, has been available in the market over 100 series, each series of tailor-designed to express the uniqueness of the new women's self-personality, with different The need for social occasions. FION handbags series has always focused on elegant simple design, clear lines, urban women showed an independent, unrestrained free side, and even loved by the young chief executives, all products are made of advanced materials and metal parts of foreign leather, excellent and teacher design, sophisticated and detailed technical process, often for the customer to create a another surprise!
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