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The Scofield brand is one of the 38 brands in the Korean Eland Group. The Scofield compound nouns of Scotland and pastoral terms .it performance: Scottish Place Names owned by British-style atmosphere and aristocratic life displayed by the portrayal of the activities of a comfortable life. Scofield is to demonstrate the well-known brand of laid-back life of the British royal family and nobles,. In 2005 Scofield clothing came in front of everyone with a new style. It has its simple and smooth lines, classic, elegant pattern and detailed and unique embellishment elegant and romantic femininity flooded fashion circles. Scofield style design is high-end, fashion; classical philosophy. SCOFIELD online stores:
Scofield is mainly divided into four series: the first is the traditional Scottish lady wear, mainly tartan and diamond block pattern and rice, red, blue color. If you're wearing the tartan clothes in the last year, maybe some people will think you are a bit exaggerated, but this year it jumped rose to the forefront of fashion. It five us a special kind of feeling compared with herve leger. the second is romantic ladies dress which is characterized mainly in the color of grass, blue sky. It brings the elegant charm of the noble. The third is Marine series of casual women; it is characterized by main color the ocean, coupled with the board. The last Series is rural women dress, the characteristics are that the main color is white; dark blue is the movement color.
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