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Snow Song Garments Co., Ltd., Zhejiang was founded in October 1997, is a set design, production, sales elegant ladies, shoes, bag in one of the brands, in major cities across the country so far, nearly 200 stores (cabinet), and the annual increase rate of 30%. Snow Song Dress in Wenzhou, Zhejiang has an area of nearly 27,000 square meters of multi-functional, garden-style manufacturing base, with annual output of more than 100 million sets of clothing production. With the large scale of production and sales excellence, snow clothing for years entrenched Wenzhou Song of the leading women's status and has become famous enterprises of Zhejiang Women. All along, the snow clothing adhering to the song "Let the world more beautiful because we are the" corporate purposes, to create elegant woman mission, after more than a decade developing, have access to social and business colleagues in recognition of the session. Snow Song Honor August 2001 brand snow song is recommended for the 2001 Women's Senior famous brand clothing exhibitions Since 2001 Enterprise has been appraised as "National Clothing hundred enterprises"; 2002 won the "Wenzhou Light Industrial hundred enterprises" January 2003 "Snow Song" trademark was awarded "Zhejiang Province" title; Zhejiang Province in March 2003 the Consumer Council received its fifth "trusted consumer products"; July 2003 won the "Zhejiang famous brand" title; June 2005 industrial and commercial enterprises in Zhejiang Province was named Class AAA credit good credit units September 2005 snow songs as "Zhejiang famous firm"; January 2006 Snow Song Garments Co., Ltd. Zhejiang awarded the 2005 Integrity Enterprises 9, 2007, the period of China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Credit Assessment Committee assessment, recognized as AAA grade credit enterprise in 2006 In January 2008 won the 2007 annual leading fashion brand in Wenzhou April 2008 was awarded "China Famous Brand" Song Chen, chairman of snow clothing fan Korea with excellent design talent, excellent operating performance and good social impact, access to all levels of government and the community is widely recognized.
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